Vango was established in the West of Scotland in 1966. They have a long history in designing and manufacturing outdoor equipment and endeavour to be at the forefront of cutting edge design and innovation within the outdoor and camping world: Tents, Family Tent, Caravan Awnings, Driveaway Awnings, Sleeping Bags, Rucksacks, Camping. Vango Aftercare service: their equipment repair centre has been repairing everything from seam tapes to sticky zips for over 5 decades. Extending the life of your tent is beneficial to them, you and the environment. Through their policy of repairing and recycling, they aim to minimise their carbon footprint and the impact they have on the environment. Vango products that cannot be repaired are stripped down and recycled with other usable items and donated to local charities. Read more about it on the Vango website.

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